Glass Milk Bottle Delivery

Pints of milk in glass

Local Milk Delivery in Glass Bottles

Over 13 billion plastic bottles are disposed of each year throughout the UK. As a result of this and driven by the worldwide movement to reduce the amount of single use plastic many businesses are once again considering a milk delivery in glass bottles to the office. So, with around 110m litres of Milk consumed per a year how you choose to have your milk delivered can have great implications when it comes to the environment.


We can deliver milk in glass bottles straight to your office from your local dairy.

Fresh, local milk delivered free to your office. 

Skimmed Glass Milk Bottle Delivery

RED-milk_2pint glass bottle

568ml or 1 Pint

Semi Skimmed Glass Milk Bottle

semi-milk_2pint glass bottle

568ml or 1 Pint

Whole Milk Glass Bottle Milk Delivery

milk_2pint glass bottle

568ml or 1 Pint

Glass Bottle Milk - Re use and Re cyclable

6 Benefits of glass milk bottles

  • Less plastic

    Because the bottles are re-used time and time again the use of plastic is eliminated.

  • 100% recyclable

    Not only are the milk bottles re-used they are also fully recyclable at the end of life.

  • Better taste

    According to friends of glass - glass bottles don’t transfer a foreign scent and taste into the milk

  • Can be delivered across the UK

    Glass milk bottles can now be delivered to nearly all town and cities from local dairies, not just the major ones like Manchester and London.

  • Tops can be recycled too

    Often a source of confusion, the tin foil lids can also be recycled in most areas of the United Kingdom.

  • More likely to get recycled

    Because glass milk bottles are part of a closed loop re-use and re-cycling system they are much more likely to be recycled that the plastic alternatives. Some studies suggest only 24 percent of plastic is recycled in the UK.

.....but are they best?

Whilst having your milk delivered in glass certainly helps to reduce the amount of single use plastic they are by no means the perfect solution because they are very heavy. This means that they use more carbon to transport from the dairy to your office.  In addition, they can cost a few pence more than a normal poly bottle. 

The eco-way to have your milk delivered

If you use lots of milk, then a better solution is a milk dispenser. Milk dispensers contain bag-in-box milk re-fills containing 24 pints of milk so less journeys to your office and less food miles. Even including the cost of hiring or purchasing a milk pergal these often work out cheaper too. 

milk_2pint glass bottle

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