Office Orchard and the Environment

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Leaving the planet better than how we found it

Here at office orchard we want to look after the environment and help you run your office on the most eco-friendly manner. We want to leave our planet in a better way than how we found it and thats how we guide all of our decision making, from the fruit and packaging for our office fruit baskets to our partnerships with local dairies across England, Scotland and Wales whom deliver milk to offices on our behalf.


From carbon neutral logistics to eco-friendly inks

OfficeOrchard for the environment

How to recycle our packaging

Plastic Milk Bottles

Most towns and cities in the UK now have the facilities to recycle our plastic milk bottles in order to look after the environment. Follow the guide below for some top tips to do this in the best way possible! 

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  • Replace lids and tops. If they stay on the container they will get recycled.
  • Squash bottles to save space.
  • Empty and rinse bottles. Left over foods or liquids can contaminate other recyclables and if bottles contain liquid they may not be recycled as deemed too heavy by the automated sorting process. Liquid can also damage the machinery.
  • Leave on labels – these will be removed in the process.
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Glass Milk Bottles

If we deliver milk in glass bottles to your office simply rinse the bottles and leave them in the agreed delivery location for us to pick up and reuse. Did you know? Even the foil milk bottle lids are recyclable. read more

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Milk Pergals

Milk pergals re-fills used for milk dispensers have a plastic inner bag containing the milk and a cardboard outer. Once empty separate the cardboard outer from the bag and dispose of each in the relevant recycling bin.

Fruit Boxes

Our office fruit baskets will be delivered in either a reusable basket we will pick up with each delivery or a dully recyclable corrugated box, printed with eco-inks with FSC certified board. Simply leave this in your paper and cardboard recycling bin.. 

Office Orchard, for your office food shop 

OfficeOrchard for the environment

Your one stop office food shop

We consider the environmental impact of all the products we sell and try to minimise the amount of packaging wherever possible. 

Office Fruit Delivery

Office Fruit Grapes

Office Orchard deliver fresh office fruit baskets throughout England, Scotland and Wales from leading office fruit suppliers. Make your office a happy and healthy one. 

Office Milk Delivery

Pints of milk in glass

We are partners with drinkmilk, the UKs leading milk delivery network. We can supply milk straight to your office from your local dairy. Keeping food miles low.

Office Kitchen

Office PantryYorkshire Tea Bags

We supply all of your groceries from tea, coffee, bread, butter and sugar to nuts and healthy snacks. 

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