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Office Fruit Delivery Near Me

We all have the environment and sustainability in mind when choosing an office fruit delivery company. Luckily Eatfruit do too! All fruit baskets are delivered via carbon neutral logistics straight to your workplace. 

Fruit Box Delivery Manchester

Fruit Delivery Benefits

Fresh Office Fruit Near to Your Office

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Choose from a range of office fruit baskets ranging from simple easy to eat office fruit such as Bananas, Apples ( Red and Green ), Pears and Plums or choose a Seasonal fruit box which typically includes all the essentials plus Peaches and Grapes plus seasonal treats such as Figs, Dates, Blood Oranges and Lychee. All delivered via carbon neutral logistics to your office near me. 

Tailored For Your Office

Eatfruit can tailor your fruit delivery just how you want. In addition to standard fruit mixes we can create custom fruit boxes just for your business.

Great for your team

An Office Fruit Delivery is the the prefect employee benefit. Costing less per portion than a chocolate bar fruit also has great health benefits both physical and mentally and most importantly demonstrates to your team that you care! 

So, if your looking for an office fruit delivery near me look no further! Help your team swap the sugary snacks by providing a healthier alternative.

Eatfruit is a family owned business based in the North West producing the very best fruit for offices and businesses.


Leaving the planet in a better way.

Our aim is to leave the planet in a better way than how we found it because we know the way we live our lives at the moment is unsustainable. We use this principle because its a good and simple guide for all the decisions we make as a business, from the products we sell to the partners we work with. 

Our fruit delivery is carbon neutral as is the packaging board our fruit is packed in. We pay all suppliers a fair price and donate fruit to the homeless, hospitals and food banks on a weekly basis. 

Pieces of fruit donated

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