Milk Dispenser

Milk Dispensers

Milk dispensers and bag-in-box re-fills straight from your local dairy in 24 pint or 13.6 ltr boxes called “Pergals”. Each milk in a box re-fill is easily installed into your milk dispenser or milk cooler.

A milk dispenser is a great, eco-friendly solution for offices that use lots of milk. Firslty because they reduce the amount of packaging used secondly the number of food miles travelled. As a result, so less deliveries are required.

And, the good news is they only take up a small amount of room, are easy to clean and maintain and they often work out cheaper too! Some of our milk dispensers can even be personalised with your company branding. 

Milk coolers are ideal for offices and businesses that use high amounts of milk, hotels, restaurants, cafes’, brasseries ad canteens.

Hire or Buy from less than £3.00 per a week

Milk Pergals can be hired from 6 to 36 months or purchased directly from us. 


We supply the milk dispensers and bag-in-box re-fills straight from your local dairy.

Benefits of reusable coffee cups

  • Eco-friendly alternative to bottled milk delivery

    Reduce packaging, carbon emissions and the cost of your milk!

  • Easy to clean and maintain

    Milk dispensers are easy to re-fill and require minimal cleaning and maintenance

  • Easy to order

    Buying from Office Orchard means that we can not only supply your milk dispenser to your door but also the bag-in-box re-fills. Delivered straight from your local dairy.

Our range of Milk Dispensers

We have Milk Dispensers to suit any office, canteen, brasserie, hotel or coffee. Machines are available in white, stainless steel or black and for a small additional cost can be custom branded for your business. 

Customised milk dispenser

A range of attractive milk coolers to suit every office. 

Catering bag-in-box Milk Dispenser

Milk Dispenser in White

From £2.95 per month Buy Price POA

Easy to clean and maintain this is our best value machine. The machine can be customised with your custom design or logo

Stainless Steel Milk Cooler

Catering Bag in Box Milk Dispenser

From £3.85 per month Buy Price POA

Maintains milk at the perfect temperature, simple and fast to re-fill, fully removable tap and drip tray for easy cleaning. British made.

Brasserie bag-in-box Milk Dispenser

Milk Dispenser

From £3.95 per month Buy Price POA

Stylish looks with an illuminated display with automatic condensate and defrost and downlighting in the dispensing area. Can be customised with your custom design.

An eco-friendly milk solution

A milk dispenser in the office is a great eco-friendly way to get your milk delivered. Each machine is re-filled with a 24 pint bag in box re-fill making them a better solution that poly bottles due to the reduction in plastic used. In addition they are better than a glass bottle milk delivery because glass bottles are very heavy to transport to and from your office, therefore creating excess carbon through the transportation. For instance, did you know it is estimated that an average of 35.8 million plastic bottles are used EVERY DAY in the UK, but only 19.8 million are recycled each day. read more. In conclusion, a milk dispenser has many benefits to businesses looking to improve there environmental credentials. 

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