Office Milk Delivery - Sorted!

Fresh milk delivered straight from your local dairy to your office. UK wide coverage.

An ultra reliable office milk delivery service, delivered straight from a dairy near to you. Discounts for larger orders please contact us for a be-spoke quotation. 

milk and juice for the office

2 Litres Semi-skimmed Office Milk

from 53p per pint

2 litres of semi-skimmed milk.

2 Litres Skimmed
Office Milk

from 53p per pint

2 litres of skimmed milk

2 Litres Whole
Office Milk

from 53p per pint

2 litres of whole milk

Glass Milk Bottle Delivery

1 Pint Glass Bottle Semi-skimmed Milk

from 85p per pint

1 pint or 568ml of whole milk delivered.

1 Pint Glass Bottle Skimmed Milk

from 85 per pint

1 pint or 568ml of skimmed milk delivered.

1 Pint Glass Bottle Whole Milk

from 85 per pint

1 pint or 568ml of whole milk delivered.

Speciality Milks

1 Litre Soya


1 Litre of Soya

1 Litre Oat


1 Litre of Oat Milk

1 Litre Almond


1 Litrs of Almond Drink

1 Pint Orange Juice

from £1.45 per pint

Nationwide Office Milk Delivery

We deliver milk to offices nationwide. As part of the national milk delivery network – drinkmilk we deliver straight from your local dairy, supporting the local economy whilst minimising the number of food miles the fruit is transported.

Save yourself time with our ultra-reliable office milk delivery service.

We specialise in multi-site milk deliveries across the UK.

Prices start from just 55p per pint.


Butter 500g

Anchor Butter


Brand may vary. Allergens – please see packaging

800g Medium Sliced Bread Wholemeal

Kingsmill 800g Medium Wholemeal


Brand may vary. Allergens – please see packaging

800g Medium Sliced Bread White

Kingsmill 800g Sliced Bread Medium


Brand may vary. Allergens – please see packaging

Available in traditional glass bottles

Office Milk Delivery Options

  • Glass Milk Bottles for the Office

    Glass milk bottle deliveries have increased significantly in popularity over the last few years. Whilst they are re-used up to 18 times they are a great alternative to plastic they do increase the carbon emissions when delivering because they are heavier.

  • Plastic Milk Bottles

    Plastic milk bottles are lighter to transport and are typically a cheaper option than glass. Available in litres or pints in various options from 1 pint upwards. The bottles are fully recyclable.

  • Chilled Milk Dispenser

    Bag in box milk dispensers are the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to purchase milk if you use lots of milk because the amount of packaging is reduced. A milk dispenser can be hired or purchased. We can supply the machine and 24 pint / 13.6 litre refills.

Choosing the right milk delivery option for your office

We have three main options available for your milk delivery, this can be made in traditional glass milk bottles, fully recyclable poly bottles or milk-in-a-box pergals used in a milk dispenser.

milk on a shelf

Speciality Milks

Non-dairy milk alternatives such as Almond, Soya and Oat milk can also be delivered along with office kitchen cupboard items. 

Milk Nutrition

Its good to understand the nutritional benefits of milk. High in calcium and B12 plus many other vitamins and minerals. read more here.

Milk Dispensers for your Office

If you use a large amount of milk in your office or canteen a chilled milk dispenser is an option worth considering because they often work out cheaper than milk delivered in bottles. In addition, they are easy to clean, easy to re-fill and best of all reduce the amount of packaging and food miles. 

milk dispenser line drawing

To order your milk dispenser

Please get in touch and we will guide you through your options. Milk dispensers can be purchased or rented on a weekly basis from less than £3.00 per a week.

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