Office Milk Deliveries

We partner with Drinkmilk, the UK’s Office Milk delivery network to deliver fresh Office Milk straight to your business or workplace so you never need to get wet in the rain again! Choos from a choice of packaging including glass bottles or if you are a large user of milk consider a milk dispenser to drastically cut the amount of packgaing you use and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Speciality Milks

Something for everyone! We offer a choice of non-dairy speciality milks s including favourites such as Soya, Oat and Almond.


from £1.99

Have your milk delivered to your office the traditional way in a re-useable glass bottles. Choose from Whole, Semi-skimmed or Skimmed milk. 

Fresh orange or apple juice delivered with your milk. Perfect for the best breakfast experience in the office to get the day going! 

milk and juice for the office

Your Milk, Your Choice

  • Low Food Miles, your milk will be delivered straight from a local dairy to your office. 
  • Choice of packaging, Glass bottles, poly bottle or milk pergals 
  • National Delivery, save admin and order all of your Office Milk  on one account
  • Dedicated Account Manager, here to help with all of you grocery requirements.  
  • Traditional Milks, Juices and Non-Dairy Speciality Milk
Milk Dispenser

Milk Dispensers

If you are a large user of milk in your office it is worth considering a chilled milk dispenser. Each dispenser holds a bag-in-box 13.1ltr re-fill allowing you to manager you milk easier, reduce your carbon footprint and drastically reduce the amount of packaging that you use. 

Office Snacks

Combine your Office Fruit delivery with some healthy and nutritious snacks for your team. Each delivery contains a mixture of Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten free options. Something for everyone! 

Office Snacks and Office Fruit

from £23.00+VAT

All of the groceries for your office in one place. Tea, Coffee, Bread, Butter and More! All on one monthly invoice for all of your sites. Choose from leading brands such as Kenco or Yorkshire Tea. Have a favourite? We will source it for you!

Fresh fruit delivered to your office on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. Each delivery includes a choice of easy to eat office fruit including Apples, Pears, Bananas, Easy Peel Citrus, Plums or Peaches plus a Grapes of Berries. 

Trust Office Orchard for Your Grocery Shop

We bring together the UK’s leading suppliers for groceries to offices, each focused on delivering the very best products so you can be confident that the quality will be good, the service excellent and you will be buying at very best price, all safe in the knowledge that all we do is as ethical and sustainable as possible. Delivering groceries to offices is what we do, why not save yourself time with the weekly shop and start with us today?
Pieces of fruit donated

Choosing the right milk delivery option for your office

We have three main options available for your milk delivery, this can be made in traditional glass milk bottles, fully recyclable poly bottles or milk-in-a-box pergals used in a milk dispenser.

milk on a shelf

Speciality Milks

Non-dairy milk alternatives such as Almond, Soya and Oat milk can also be delivered along with office kitchen cupboard items. 

Milk Nutrition

Its good to understand the nutritional benefits of milk. High in calcium and B12 plus many other vitamins and minerals. read more here.

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