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Healthy Snacks for the Office

Re-usable coffee cups are the perfect alternative to single use cups, saving millions of tonnes of packaging per a year. Not just that, if you use your reusable coffee cup in many high street retailers they will often give you a discount on the price of your cup of coffee. Whats’ more you can buy plain versions, or for a small additional cost personalise them for your office or event that you may be holding. 

Also available without printing

Prices start from just £3.44 per cup

Nuts, Seeds, Protein Bars, Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free

Why offIce snacks?

  • Healthier

    Our range of office snacks are much better for your teams health than the traditional sugary snacks from a vending machine.

  • Happier

    Our snacks are a great energy boost to keep you team pepped up with energy throughout the day

  • Custom mixes

    If you have favourite snacks ( or a cheeky bar of chocolate ) we can either include them in our custom snack boxes or supply them bulk. Just let us know your favourites!

Healthy Snack Boxes

Healthy snack boxes are a great addition to your office fruit delivery, or just on there own. 

Choose from either a pre-packed snack box containing a selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free snacks from Protein Bars to Lentil Chips. Alternatively. buy packs of your offices  favourite snacks. 

Our office snacks make a welcome change to the traditional vending machine so swap the sugary snacks today and watch your team prosper. 

Office Snack Boxes & Snacks

Raw Nuts
Box of 24

Raw Nuts Snack

£23.95 + VAT

Fruit and Nuts
Box of 24

a pack of nuts

£23.95 + VAT

Cranberry Yoghurt Raisins Box of 24

Yoghurt Raisins

£23.95 + VAT

Office Healthy Snack Box
40 Snacks

Office Snacks in a box

£39.95 + VAT

Office Healthy Snack Box
20 Snacks

Office Snacks in a box

£23.95 + VAT

Office Orchard, for your office food shop

All of your office kitchen goods in one place. You don't have the time so we make it easy!

We work with leading producers to offer the very best products at competitive prices. We offer national coverage and deliver groceries to offices large and small so if you need a fruit or milk delivery, you have come to the right place!

Office Fruit

Office Orchard deliver fresh office fruit baskets throughout England, Scotland and Wales from leading office fruit suppliers. Make your office a happy and healthy one. 

Office Milk

We are partners with drinkmilk, the UKs leading milk delivery network. We can supply milk straight to your office from your local dairy. Keeping food miles low.

Office Kitchen Cupboard

We supply all of your office groceries to keep the office kitchen cupboards topped  up, from tea, coffee and sugar to nuts, protein bars and healthy snacks.

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