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So, every now and again, we’re reminded what a brilliant time it is to be alive. And Manchester, office fruit delivery services are gaining more and more momentum which means we’re currently enjoying one of those moments. Because, whether you’re running the employee wellbeing committee or you’re nominated to do the milk run and don’t feel like getting wet in the rain, Office-orchard can fulfil whatever office grocery needs you may have. You’ll never have to worry about running out of milk again. With Office Orchard, you can rely on an ultra-reliable office grocery delivery straight to your office door.

Office Orchard offers a service that is so easy to use: its unbelievably easy to set up, multiple office locations catered for, a dedicated account manager and a wide range office grocery options. You’ll be able to choose anything from office fruit to milk to office snacks, along with your favourite treats and biscuits, and you can order any way you want; by phone, online. We even supply office kitchen equipment, because its not good having the best coffee without the best coffee machines. Once your order is in, you can expect us to contact you in a timely manner, which means another of your to do tasks ticked off the list. Plus, if you order for multiple sites, we can supply one consolidated invoice and, if you order larger quantities, we can offer significant discounts. Each month you can track and control your purchases, so that you and your colleagues will know exactly how much the party drinks at the end of the week have cost.

To sum it up, Office Orchard has thought of everything. There’s never an excuse to run out of milk on a Monday in Manchester so don’t take the risk! We know your busy, so we make it easy! 

Office grocery delivery in Manchester is the next big thing to make life easier – all that’s left for you to do is do some other work!

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